HandyPort HPU-120 Kit

Wireless serial cable replacement kit, suitable for several serial devices talking back to a single PC.  Supplied software creates virtual communication ports on your computer (COM 1, COM 2, Com 3, etc) and interfaces to the HandyPort HPU-120 multi-port transceiver module.  This combination allows you to connect to several HPS-120 remote RS232 units and communicate to seven selected devices simultaneously.

HPU-120 Kit

  • Up to 1200m+ Transmission Distance with extended antennas
  • Easy to use software
  • Creates seven COM ports for simultaneous communication
  • Standard Serial Baud Rates up to 115Kps
  • HPU-120 powered direct from PC
  • HPS-120 units powered through pin 9 or DC connector
Complete kit includes a single HPU-120 transceiver (for PC), single RS232 transceiver (for remote RS232 device), 500m antenna's, cables, null modem adapter, installation software and manual.

HandyWave Multi-Point RS232 Serial Kits allow you to add multiple serial devices to your laptop or PC. By using the USB HPU-120 as a master receiver and HPS-120 units as the remote nodes, you can communicate to up to seven devices at the same time. Supplied software automatically connects to available units on startup and will assign each unit with a COM port. These units can work in environments where there is other wireless equipment, including other HandyWave pairs, harsh industrial locations with electrical noise, indoor or outdoor applications.

Further HandyPort RS232 modules are available in our accessories section including alternative antennas, power supplies, etc.

HPU-120 Software Manual
HPS-120 Manual

HPU-120-KIT1 USB Master, single USB node, 500m Antennas
HPU-120-KIT2 USB Master, Single USB node, 1200m Antennas
HPS-120 RS232 HPS-120 units, additional nodes for HPU-120