HandyPort HPS-120 Kit

Complete wireless RS232 kit includes two wireless transceivers, 500m or 1200m antennas, power cable, null modem adapter and installation manual.  Ideal for PC to PC, PC to machine, or machine to machine communications.  Pre-configured and paired out of the factory. For alternative settings, please contact our sales engineers with your communications settings.

HPS-120 Kit

  • Up to 1200m+ Transmission Distance
  • No drivers required
  • Easy to use text menu interface
  • Standard Serial Baud Rates up to 115Kps
  • 5 ~ 13V DC Supply either through Pin 9 or Jack connector (supplied)
  • Point-to-Point configuration or Multi-Point configuration
  • Pre-configured out of the box for 9600Bps, 8N1 communications*
  • Extended AT commands for more advanced communications
HandyWave RS232 Serial Kits include many features that are normally found on more expensive solutions including reliable data transfer with error correction and completely transparent protocols for exact data replication. These units can work in environments where there is other wireless equipment, including other HandyWave pairs, harsh industrial locations with electrical noise, indoor or outdoor applications with low power consumption. Kit includes two HPS-120 units, two 500m or 1200m antennas, power cable and manual. Further HandyWave products such as power supplies available in the accessories section.

HPS-120 Manual

HPS-120-KIT1 Complete Wireless RS232 Solution with 500m Antennas
HPS-120-KIT2 Complete Wireless RS232 Solution with 1200m Antennas