HandyWave HPS-110

OEM version of our popular HPS-120 radio modem.  Easy to integrate into your RS232 equipment with its small PCB, included connectors and pre-programmed firmware.  Standard SMA antenna connector allows you to use common 2.4GHz, Bluetooth and WiFi antennas.  Supports Bluetooth SPP & GAP profiles.

HPS-110 Wireless OEM Module

HPS-110 Wireless Bluetooth Module

  • Supports Bluetooth GAP & SPP Profiles
  • Up to 1Km Transmission Distance
  • RS232 & 3.3V TTL Level Serial Communication
  • Repeater, Point-to-Point or Multi-Point configuration
  • No drivers required
  • Easy to use text menu interface
  • Standard Serial Baud Rates up to 115Kps
  • 3.3 ~ 16V DC Supply
  • Includes connector

HPS-110 Data Sheet

HPS-110 Full Manual