HandyWave HCS-03

Tiny wireless OEM serial radio modem which is only 13mm x 13mm in size!  Available with various antenna options up to 4dB gain for long distance communications.  Pre-programmed firmware allows point to point and multi point communication.  Meets and exceeds Bluetooth Spec V2.0.

HCS-03 Wireless OEM Module

HCS 100 Module

  • Supports Bluetooth GAP & SPP Profiles
  • Chip Antenna (up to 4dB) or external SMA antenna
  • RS232, RS485, RS422 3.3V TTL Level Serial Communication
  • Point-to-Point or Multi-Point configuration
  • No drivers required
  • Over the air configuration
  • Standard Serial Baud Rates up to 3Mbps
  • 3.3 DC Supply
  • RoHS Compliant

HCS-03 Data Sheet

HCS-03 Full Manual