HandyWave Accessories

Complete wireless RS232 kit includes two wireless transceivers, 500m antenna's, power cable, null modem adapter and installation manual.  Pre-configured and paired out of the factory. If you require a specific configuration then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will set the units up to your custom specification.

Antennas - Power - Single Modems

HandyWave Antennas are high quality units designed specifically for the HandyWave range of wireless modules.  Compact sizes and robust construction ensure long service life.  HPA-120 patch antenna has an additional 500mm extension cable.

HPA-120 Specifications (pdf)
HPA-110 Specifications (pdf)
HPA-100 Specifications (pdf)

HPA-120 8.5dBi Directional Patch Antenna (up to 1200m)
HPA-110 4dBi Omni-Directional Antenna (up to 600m)
HPA-100 2dBi Omni-Directional Antenna (up to 100m)

Power Supply

HandyWave Power Supply options for either 110V AC, USB or battery power. Battery option allows you to use a single HPS-120 for up to one week on a single charge with a single 9V NiMh battery (charger and battery part No HPP-BAT)


HPP-120 110V AC Adapter, 5V DC Output
HPP-110 9V PP3 Battery connector with jack for HPS-120
HPP-100 USB 5V Power Cable
HPP-BAT Rechargeable 9V battery pack for HPP-110

Single HandyPort Modems

HandyPort single units for extending your wireless RS232 network or creating a custom serial port solution by utilizing your built in BlueTooth transceiver. You will require two HPS-120 units to form a basic wireless serial connection if you do not have a BlueTooth capabilities.


HPS-120 Single HPS-120 BlueTooth wireless transceiver
HPU-120 Single HPU-120 Multi-Serial port adapter for HPS-120 units