HandyWave Products

HandyWave USA stock a large range of products for a fast delivery service.  Orders before 1PM PST are shipped the same day. If you are unsure on what you require, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department or your local distributor. We encourage you to contact your local distributor, if there is not one in your area then contact our sales department on +1 866 849 3441.

Complete Wireless RS232, RS485 & RS422 Kits

HPS 200 Radio Modem

HPS-200 Industrial Radio Modem Kit, RS232/422/485
Complete kit with two RS232/RS485/RS422 HPS-200 radio modems, 500m or 1200m antenna's, terminal block wiring

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Wireless RS232 to RS232 Cable Replacement

HPS-120 Radio Modem Kit, Serial Cable Replacement
Complete kit with two RS232 HPS-120 radio modems, 500m or 1200m antenna's, NULL modem adapter and a 5V cable

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Wireless USB to RS232 Modem

HPU-120 Radio modem Kit, Multi Wireless Serial Port
Complete kit with one USB transceiver module, single RS232  HPS-120 module, NULL modem adapter, 500m or 1200m antenna's, cables and software.  Add seven wireless serial ports to your PC or Laptop without the need of any additional hardware!

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OEM Modules

HPS-110 Wireless OEM Module

HandyWave HPS-110
Compact OEM wireless module designed for RS232 and 3.3V TTL level communications.  Easy to integrate, no firmware programming and compatible with Bluetooth SPP & GAP Profiles.

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HCS-03 HandyWave OEM Module

HandyWave HCS-03
Tiny half inch square wireless module for RS232, RS485 and RS422 communications.  Pre-programmed firmware, various on-chip antenna configurations available, meets Bluetooth V2.0.

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Wireless HandyWave Accessories

HandyWave Accessories

Various accessories including rechargeable batteries, power adapters, long range antennas, cables and adapters.

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