Below is a list of common questions that our customers ask.  If we are not clear on something, or your question is not here, then please do not hesitate to contact us via our support section.

How many units do I need to replace my serial cable?
If I have more than one pair, will they interfere with each other?
What type of interference will effect these units?
How far can the HandyPort transmit?
I do not have a RS232 serial port on my computer/laptop, is there a solution?

Communication Settings
What are the factory defaults?
I have a 25pin RS232 connector, will the HandyPort work?
My serial device only uses three pins, send, receive, ground, will the HandyPort work?
My serial device only uses two pins, send and ground, will the HandyPort work?
My device uses seven data bits, how can I setup the HandyPort for this?

I have installed both HandyPort units, however there is no communication?
How can I access the configuration menu?
There are no green lights, are the units transmitting?
One RED light is one and the other is off/flickering, is this normal?

Power Supply
How can I power the HandyPort?
What is the voltage range?
What type of AC to DC adapter do I require?